The IGLFA European Championship III in Hamburg not only is a competitive tournament, but also a meeting of the gay and lesbian football community from all over Europe. We expect more than 30 club teams.


BALLBOYS HAMBURG (Men’s Division 2 & 3)

This is the home team: Ballboys Hamburg is the name of the football department of the gay / lesbian sports club Startschuss Hamburg SLSV e. V. The team is mixed in many ways: it brings together young and old as well as beginners and football-maniacs, that have power left from their other club. Although the team is not participating in any league, it loves to show its abilities and fighting power: The Ballboys regularly participate in gay tournaments all over Germany and travel to tournaments overseas at least once a year. After their participation in the IGLFA European Championships I & II (2011: Manchester, 2013: Dublin), the Ballboys are excited to host the Euro Cup in 2015.

TROWBRIDGE TIGERS (Men’s Division 3)

Trowbridge Tigers are a gay friendly football team based in the south west of England. They welcome players of all ability, sexual orientation, age and gender. Their youngest player is 16 and their eldest is 64!! They started up in 2009 after deciding to compete in the Gay Games taking place in 2010 in Cologne. Starting off as just a group of friends wanting to play football, the team grew. In the build up to Cologne the Trowbridge Tigers played against many teams in the GFSN to help them prepare. The teams they played against were so welcoming they decided to join the league the following season. Trowbridge Tigers currently play in the 2nd division of the GFSN league and play in annual IGLFA tournaments including the 6 a side tournament in Cardiff.


BEXLEY INVICTA FC (Men’s Division 2 & 3)

Bexley Invicta FC is south east London and Kent’s only gay-football club. They are open to all, regardless of sexuality, ability or experience, who want to play football in a gay-friendly setting. The club is based in the London Borough of Bexley, and football-playing commenced on 15 January 2011 with a kickabout in a local park. They’ve grown to become a fully-fledged football club and now play in the London Unity League. They also play friendlies, 5/6/7-aside and take part in tournaments. They host their second birthday tournament in February 2015. There is an active and varied social side to the club. Bexley Invicta FC is proudly affiliated to Kent Football Association, who they work with on making football more gay-friendly.


Village Manchester Football Club was formed in 1996 and prides itself on being gay an inclusive. As the only gay football club in Manchester, famed for its gay village, VMFC welcomes all those who love to play and watch football regardless of sexuality. The club has two teams, each of which plays in a local straight league, meaning they have two games every Sunday. They also play in the national GFSN Cup, various national tournaments, and at least one international tournament most years. VMFC hosted the first IGLFA European Championship in 2011 and are current European Champions, having beaten home team Dublin Devils at the 2013 tournament.

VMFC group shot high res

Dublin Devils dub1

DUBLIN DEVILS FC (Men’s Division 1)

Dublin Devils FC are Irelands only gay football team and offer an inclusive welcome to anyone who wants to play football in a positive and supportive environment. They celebrate their 10th Anniversary in 2015, with the ‘Devils 10 – Celebrating 10 Years of Football’ series of events to mark the milestone throughout the year. They are proud to be attending their 3rd IGLFA European Championship event in Hamburg as part of their anniversary celebrations. This competition is very important to the club who emerged as Division 3 Champions in Manchester 2011, which they followed up by hosting a very successful event in Dublin in June 2013, finishing as Division 1 Runners-up to Village Manchester FC. They play FAI league football as part of the Leinster Football League and also compete in a number of small sided leagues, tournaments and events throughout the year.

LONDON TITANS (2x Men’s Division 2)

London Titans Football Club are one of the UK’s biggest LGBT-friendly football clubs, with over 60 regular members and 4 teams regularly competing in local, national and international competitions. They have weekly coaching with FA-qualified coaches giving all players the opportunity to improve their skills in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment. Off the pitch they take pride in being a friendly club where the social element of our club takes equal precedence to success on the pitch. They are actively involved in raising awareness on LGBT & local issues, and they have raised thousands of pounds for charities over the last few seasons.

London Titans FC teamshot

Soho FC Banner

SOHO FC (Men’s Division 2)

Soho FC is one of the UK’s newest LGBTQ friendly football teams. They play 9 a side during the week in Central London and have training or 11 a side league matches on Sundays in Regent’s Park. They also took part in small-sided LGBT international tournaments in Paris and Germany last year. Having a strong social side is an important part of the club too.

In 2014 they held football events collaborating with Fare, Football v Homophobia and the Gay Gooners. Soho FC look forward to taking part in our first international 11 a side tournament in Hamburg.

VORSPIEL BERLIN (Men’s Division 1 + 3)

The football division of the gay-lesbian sports club “Vorspiel SSL Berlin e.V.” is the only gay football club in the German capital. It dates back to the year 1986 and therefore it is one of the oldest football clubs of its sort in Europe. As one of only few gay teams in Germany, Vorspiel plays in the regular league by participating in the championship of the University of Technology. Another weekly event is the open training on Wednesday, which takes place regardless of weather or season. Renowned players are meeting here, and new players are welcome no matter their sexuality, origin, age or skill level. Annually Vorspiel organises the biggest international gay football tournament in Germany. The team itself likes to compete in different tournaments in Germany as well as abroad. At the Dublin based IGLFA European Championship II in 2013, Vorspiel made it to the semifinal and only lost the penalty against the host, placing third in the first division.

Vorspiel Berlin 2015Mannschaftsfoto003a

Mannschaftsfoto-2014 München


The football division of “Team München e.V.” is Germany’s first gay football team, which competes in the official league of the German Football Association (DFB) under the club’s name “Team München”. In January 1994 some football enthusiasts had the idea to form a team and already began training in February. It started out with 5 – 6 players and grew to a size of around 60 members by now. In 1999 different independent gay and lesbian sport clubs united as the club “Team München e.V.”. The “Streetboys” joined the club by 2001 and are now practicing twice a week for their matches in the official C-class league. In addition they are trying to (successfully) compete for all national and international gay football tournaments. The “Streetboys” could celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2014 with wishes from former football players Jimmy Hartwig and Thomas Hitzlsperger amongst many others.

FC PARIS LUTECE (Men’s Division 3)

Following the victory at the IGFLA 11-a-side competition in Copenhagen in 2005 and the victory in the local French league in 2006, FC PARIS LUTECE was born from the 1st team of Paris Arc en Ciel in 2008. With 3 teams in the French league, FC PARIS LUTECE has won a local trophy each year from 2008 to 2013. During that time, FC PARIS LUTECE has participated in IGLFA tournaments in Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Paris, Prague…and in the 2013 IGLFA European Championship II in Dublin, where they were Champions in the 6 aside tournament. And 2014 in Cardiff they were runner up – but champions in laughs per minute!

FC Paris Lutece

London Falcons IMG_0091

LONDON FALCONS GFC (Men’s Division 1)

London Falcons are a gay friendly football team formed in August 2006. The squad come from all walks of life and they are not an exclusively gay club. They compete in the London Unity League and the GFSN National Football League which they have won a record three times. Falcons have a decent record in this tournament having won Division 2 of the Manchester 2011 Euro Cup and the Division 1 plate in Dublin 2013. They will once again be competing in Division 1 for Hamburg 2015.


The „SLS Leinebagger e.V.“, founded in 1992, is one of the biggest gay and lesbian sports clubs in Lower Saxony and managed to become an important part in the life of sports as well as the gay and lesbian community in Hannover. Of the 13 division the sports club has, „mixed football“ is the biggest. Team spirit is most important if you play mixed football, as you actively decide to play with both women and men. Having a unisex football team has been successful for a long time and confirms the belief that sports can unite people of all genders, nationalities and ages. The team does not play in the regular league due to its diversity, but occasionally joins tournaments. The club participates in the CSD every year, the homosexual street festival “Warmfront Festival” and other events by setting up info booths and doing other campaigns to represent the political position of “SLS Leinebagger e.V.”.





Team description see above.


CREAM TEAM COLOGNE (Men’s Division 1)

The „Cream Team“ is a long-standing gay football team from Cologne, the most beautiful city located at the Rhine. The team emphasises the fun in football and is most diverse with older and younger players, bi-, homo- and heterosexuals, amateurs and professionals. The weekly training takes place on the “Jahnwiese” right behind the stadium in summer, and in a big multi-purpose hall in winter. The “Cream Team” is active in a hobby-league in Cologne since the 90s and established a reputation for being a so-called “elevator team”, as it’s always promoted and delegated again. In 2012, the team could celebrate its 20th anniversary with an exhibition at the German Museum for Sports and Olympia. The players are excited to meet other teams and play a nice tournament. According to them, Hamburg is a pleasant city and they got to know the Hamburg-based teams at the “StartschussMasters” tournament as good hosts.

Cream Team Cologne IMG_1089


PANAMBOYZ UNITED (Men’s Division 1)

Panamboyz United is an LGTB organisation that was founded by Parisian soccer boys, with an almost equal number of gay and straight members, in order to be part of the Eurogames in Rotterdam in 2011. It has become over the years a notable gay friendly soccer club in Paris with two teams playing both in the French league or worldwide in IGLSF / EGLSF events. The club is affiliated to the French Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation and is a member of Paris 2018 (that will host the XX Gay Games). They are the only club in France playing all their matches with rainbow laces to say yes to diversity. They succesfully convinced last year French professionnal football clubs and players to wear rainbow laces during competition in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 (17-20 October 2014), with the official support of the French League (LFP) for the first time in Europe, with this slogan : let’s be proud of our differences!


The Wildboys exist for over 10 years now and make up the football division of the gay-lesbian sports club Uferlos e.V. from Karlsruhe. The entire club has over 300 members and was founded in 1996. The Wildboys participated in many tournaments and hold a tournament for gay and gay-friendly football teams every two years. Some players had to commute from Mannheim to Karlsruhe for the practice. After the number of players – and the anger about the traffic – increased, they started their own team in Mannheim in 2012. They rapidly gathered more than 20 players who, under the Name Quadratekicker, joined the gay-lesbian sports club “MVD-Mannheim e.V.”, which also exists since 1996. The Quadratekicker already competed in several tournaments. Despite the split, both teams share a mutual friendship. Not only friendly matches but also the conjoint participation with 5 players from each team at the IGLFA European Championships 2015 are evidence of the friendship.

Karlsruhe Mannheim in Berlin 2014-03-05 09.45.37

Rosa Teufel Kaiserslautern Hamburg-Fussball-01.11.14

ROSA TEUFEL (Men’s Division 3)

The football club „Rosa Teufel“ from Kaiserslautern was founded in 2008 and started with a good mixture of women’s and men’s groups. Those could, more or less, make use of “football” and words like “offside”. A group of younger players, which could indeed play with footballs, developed in time. In 2014, after years of extensive “training”, it was time for them to be put to the test at their first tournament in Karlsruhe – expecting nothing more than having fun and not being sunburnt. After they turned out to be actually successful, they tasted blood and competed in several more tournaments in Mainz, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin. They will now be the first team from Rhineland-Palatinate to play at the IGLFA European Championship. With an ever-changing line-up, it’s guaranteed to always meet new players and have alternation in the game. At this point, the “Rosa Teufel” would like to thank all goalkeepers that helped them on their way.

STOCKHOLM SNIPERS (Men’s Division 2)

Stockholm Snipers was founded 2006 and since 2007 plays in a straight league. The team was promoted and 2014 played in division 6, but back in division 7 again for 2015. Since 2014 the teams has a 11-a-side second team participating in a reserve team league. Snipers regurarly participates in international tournaments, winning a gold in the 2008 Pan Cup, silver in Pan Games 2014 and 3rd place in the 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen. This will be Snipers third IGLFA European cup out of three. In august 2015, the team is the host of the Eurogames football tournament. Stockholm Snipers is a part of the biggest LGBT club in Sweden with the same name, which except  for mens football has another five sports on the program. Snipers welcomes everyone regardless of age, skill, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Stockholm Snipers Lagbild Norrportens Arena


Moscow Minders International

MOSCOW MINDERS (Men’s Division 3)

The Moscow Minders are an international team. Three of them are from Russia, one from Mexico, one from the Eifel, one from the surroundings of Bielefeld and one from the wild south of Germany.  For the Moscow Minders it’s the first time to take part in an international LGBT football tournament.

ATLANTA (Women’s Divison)


Description will follow soon.


Mannschaftsfoto-Platzhalter Kopie

GFC Friends Prague in Munich

GFC FRIENDS PRAGUE (Men’s Division 2)

The GFC Friends Prague is the biggest gay football club in Czech Republic formed in 2008 by amateur footballers of who had already been playing football together for many years. Although the club is still young, it already has big success mainly in 5-a-side football where Friends competed in local and foreign tournaments (with huge success from Hamburg, Berlin, Prague or Munich). Since 2012 it has also been participating in the prestigious league called „Hanspaulska Liga“, with almost 1.000 competing teams, it is the biggest and the oldest 5-a-side football league in the Czech Republic. In the past, GFC Friends has also taken part in big events such as the IGFLA Championship in 2008, the World Outgames in 2009, and the Gay Games in 2010. As the name itself suggests, Friends is not only a football club and its fans, but also a group of people who like to hang out together, relax and enjoy life and welcome anyone who likes the same, regardless of sexuality, to join the team.

FC KRYLYA (Women’s Divison)

FC Krylya (eng.-Wings) was founded more than 10 years ago in Moscow by a group of friends united by love for football. The core of the team is made up of girls, who have been playing football since childhood, and continue to carry it on through life as the favourite leisure activity. The doors of FC Krylya are always open for newcomers, regardless of age and level of training! After all, the main idea of our team is close companionship and team spirit. This attitude has allowed our team to win prizes in various non-professional tournaments for many years.

FC Krylya - wings

FemSlam Belgrade IMG_6062

FEMSLAM BELGRADE (Women’s Divison)

Recreative Sports Group FemSlam is at first aimed toward lesbians, bisexual and trans women, not concerning their age and physical capabilities, but loving sports and seeing sports group as an opportunity to socialize. FemSlam is the first and only recreative sports group gathering non-heterosexual women in Serbia. Goals are gathering of LBT women in Serbia, fighting homophobia in sports world, empowering LBT women through sports and raising consciousness about discrimination present in sports world.

In august 2012, FemSlam was the only group representing Serbia on EuroGay Games in Budapest, winning gold medal in marathon and finishing fourth in basketball. Starting in 2013, a soccer team became a part of FemSlam. Once a week, trainings happen mostly indoors, in closed baloons. Team counts 40 constant members, and is open to receive new ones. A friendly match was held between FemSlam team and the team formed by members of Belgrade’s Communal Police. The soccer team participated in the 2014 PanGames in Copenhagen.

SC STERNSCHANZE E.V. (Women’s Divison)

The “SC Sternschanze e.V.” (SCS) is a football club from Hamburg, that was founded in 1911 and positions itself gay-friendly. The teams are put together variedly and diversely just like the quarter of Hamburg in which they are based – the “Schanzenviertel”. The womens division of the SCS exists for 15 years now and the three corresponding teams are playing in different leagues around the Elbe. From this division, short term teams are formed occasionally to eagerly attend queer football events. They are excited to play at the first IGLFA tournament in Hamburg.

Sternschanze CIMG4814

Kicking Deerns _MG_2955

KICKING DEERNS (Women’s Divison)

The KICKING DEERNS are the new women’s football team of the gay/lesbian sports club Startschuss SLSV Hamburg. The European Championship is their baptism of fire: The team was formed in April and in June they already compete in their first tournament! Their strenght is their diversity: They are between 16 and 49 years old, some are beginners, some are experienced players. Above all, the are united by the joy for the game and great optimism. Opponents have to take care: In the past Underdogs have often caused a stir. And exactly that’s the plan of the KICKING DEERNS!

GFCA (Men‘s Divison 3)

GFCA is a gay football team based in Amsterdam, but players are from all over the Netherlands, where they play in their own league teams. They come together a couple times a year to participate in gay friendly tournaments and are looking forward to a great tournament in Hamburg!


Stuttgart IMG_2252


The team “Stuttgart Allstars” was formed in 2010 and consists of a number of players from Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Köln, Saarbrücken, Ulm and of course Stuttgart. They met each other at various tournaments and decided to start their own team. In the last two years, many players from all of Germany joined the team and they successfully played some tournaments. They are a tolerant and open group, which includes homosexual as well as heterosexual players of many different nationalities.