Gateway to the world

Hamburg calls itself “Gateway to the world” – not only because the port is important for the global trade. But also because it invites its visitors and tourists to a journey discovering its charming and open-minded atmosphere. Tolerance and open-mindedness are hanseatic values​​, which you can experience in the city. In hardly any other German city neighbourhood scenes are so diverse as in Hamburg. Noble residential areas next to multicultural scenes, artists and entrepreneurs in old brick houses and an international restaurant scene that is unparalleled. In the metropolitan region idyllic old town areas have preserved century-old traditions.


In 1999, Hamburg as the first state in Germany created the opportunity to register a same-sex partnership at the civil registry office. This “Hamburg marriage” was purely symbolic, but an important step on the road to acceptance.

With more than 1.7 million inhabitants, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city. In the metropolitan region there live more than four million people.